Pashmina Roshan: Pashmina roshan has gone through the problem of depression, said - I could only sleep in the afternoon

Hrithik Roshan's cousin Pashmina Roshan is going to step into the world of acting. The name of her first film is 'Ishq Vishk Rebound'. These days she is promoting the film vigorously. Meanwhile, in an interview, she spoke openly about her mental health and her first film.

Recently, during an interview with ANI, Pashmina roshan revealed that she was struggling with the problem of depression a few years ago. During the conversation, she also said that she was confused about whether she could become a good actress or not. The actress revealed that during depression she used to sleep only in the afternoon.

Pashmina shared that she was a part of the theater group in school, but at that time she did not know that she had to make a career in this field. The actress said, "So, I applied to various universities in the UK for marketing. I had also got the visathe rooms were booked. At that time the summer holidays were going on and I was very depressed. All my friends used to go to parties and they used to do everything. I used to sleep only in the afternoon."

According to Pashmina Roshan, she was not good at marketing. She said, "I was not satisfied with the marketing course. After this, I did a photoshoot and sent the pictures to my father and uncle. They said that everyone has something in them, but you have to hone it."

Pashmina said that after this she took acting and dance classes. Learned various forms of dance including Bharatnatyam and gave continuous auditions. Pashmina roshan further said that she was also rejected many times, but she did not give up. The actress evaluated herself and worked on the feedback received from her family, which helped her get her first film. Talking about Ishq Vishq Rebound, this film will be released in theaters on june 21.

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