In various South indian states, celebrities frequently achieve godlike status. You have to be there to truly understand the amount of fanaticism that people have for their heroes. It seems sense that famous birthdays are celebrated greatly there. Celebrating celebrity actor Vijay's birthday recently took place around tamil Nadu. 

It did, however, reveal how followers would stop at nothing to appease their idols. A young boy's life was in jeopardy at one such event in chennai when he engaged in a very risky martial arts stunt on stage. The little child was forced to use his hands to break flaming bricks with virtually no safety procedures, which led to a fatal accident.
Before the youngster destroys it, someone is seen igniting and putting gasoline on the brick tiles. The youngster sustains burns when the fire goes out of control. Many people on the internet are upset about this and wonder why a small child's life needs to be put at danger for such events. The underlying cause of this incident, which occasionally defies logic, is still the hero worship culture. It might have easily been fatal and misinterpreted as an accident.

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