For 8 yrs rahul gandhi will not be in Parliament..P3

A surat judge found congress leader rahul gandhi guilty on thursday in relation to a criminal defamation case brought against him in 2019.

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4. What will happen if there is an appeal in the High Court

If rahul gandhi challenges this sentence in the gujarat high court, then the first attempt will be to get a stay on the decision of the surat Sessions Court. After the stay on the decision from the high court, rahul Gandhi's membership will remain till the decision in the case. If he does not get a stay in the high court, rahul will have to go to the supreme court and get a stay on the decision.

5. Can rahul attend the parliament session?

According to the rules, rahul gandhi cannot attend the parliament session as an mp until he files an appeal in the high court and the high court takes cognizance of his appeal and sets a date for hearing it.

6. Earlier this was the rule of membership

In the Representation of the people Act, under Section 8(4), relief was given to MPs and MLAs. Under this relief, even after being convicted, they could file an appeal or revision petition against the verdict within 3 months. His membership was not rejected when this petition was filed. This section was declared illegal by the supreme court in the year 2013. The supreme court had arranged to immediately disqualify the MP-MLA and declare the seat vacant only after the conviction is proved.

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