On sunday in Hyderabad, volunteers from a city-based NGO raised awareness about menstruation health and hygiene in honour of "Menstrual Hygiene Day." Despite all difficulties, they maintained posters with messages intended to end the taboo surrounding menstrual cycles and normalise periods. Youngistaan Foundation volunteers visited a number of well-known tourist destinations throughout the city, including the Charminar, the secretariat, the golconda Fort, and the Martyrs Memorial, among others.

In addition to emphasising the importance of maintaining good cleanliness during the menstrual cycle, their cards included messages such as "end period stigma as it is bloody natural," "no shame in the period game," and "keep menstrual hygiene right to make your future bright." With signs that read "Period +Ve," they took selfies in front of the recently opened telangana State secretariat and the Martyrs Memorial that was still being built on the PVNR Marg.

In a twitter post summarising their actions, they stated: "Carrying placards they not only took a pledge but are also actively spreading awareness about menstrual health and hygiene." Along with the city, the activist also raised awareness in well-known locations like New Delhi's Connaught Place and Ooty's Adam's Fountain.

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