Russia's help... Jackpot for India... America is in shock..!

Due to the lack of crude oil resources in india, we have been importing crude oil from foreign countries to meet the entire demand of the indian people. This has been going on for a long time, but after the Russia-Ukraine war, everything has changed. Thus there has been a major change in the crude oil and fuel map. After the Russia-Ukraine war, russia has been importing crude oil to india at huge discounts. Using this cap, indian refineries have started exporting crude oil to europe and America. All Western countries have stopped buying crude oil, fuel, and gas from russia because of the various sanctions imposed on russia in favor of Ukraine. Because of this, european countries are buying fuel wherever it is available.The main reason for the G7 countries to alternately impose sanctions on russia is to freeze Russia's energy revenue. In this situation, while Russia's energy revenue is decreasing on the one hand, on the other hand, the fuel shortage in the international market is being significantly reduced by India's fuel exports. The G7 countries continue to allow it without imposing any restrictions, even though the world has criticized the purchase. In this situation, india exported 89000 barrels of gasoline and diesel per day to the united states in december alone. This is the highest amount in the last 4 years. Similarly, in january alone, india exported 172000 barrels of low-sulfur diesel per day to Europe. This is the highest level since october 2021. Meanwhile, India's demand has increased globally due to european countries coming into effect on sunday with new sanctions and restrictions on Russia's petroleum products.Sunday's ban is likely to have a major impact on europe as more crude oil and fuel crunches develop. As a result, not only fuel prices in europe are rising, but also the economic development of european countries is affected to a great extent.

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