At the annual meeting of the international Seed Testing Association (ISTA), which was held from May 29 to june 1 in Italy, K Keshavulu, President of ISTA and Managing director of telangana Seeds Development Corporation highlighted the success of the telangana model of agricultural development by stating that the state had rapidly become India's food basket.

Thanks to a number of initiatives taken by the state administration to improve the lot of the peasant population, the 29th State of india might see growth of 160% between 2014 and 2022. "My experience from the transformation of telangana made me aware that seed is an equally important component to address the issue of food security", he continued.

It is a significant difficulty to provide limited resources with food and nutritional security for the millions who are continually expanding. By 2050, the population of the world is projected to surpass 9.9 billion, having surpassed 8.0 billion in 2022. He emphasized that the globe must support equitable economic possibilities for this expanding population at every level of the food production chain, much like the indian State of Telangana.

According to him, the goals of ISTA are to create, implement, and publish standardized practices for sampling and testing seeds. A diversified group of seed scientists, specialists, and analysts from universities, research centers, and seed testing laboratories in the public sector as well as from the private seed business throughout the world make up ISTA's membership, which represents many nations and unique economies.

It is truly a global representation of the seed technology and scientific community, he continued, noting that ISTA has worked closely for many years with affiliated international organisations, such as the Food and Agricultural Organisation, to increase farmers' access to high-quality seeds so they can meet their country's goals for food and nutritional security.

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