To recognize the accomplishments in the sector of power, the "Telangana Vidyuthu Vijayotsavam" was held on monday as part of the Formation Day festivities all throughout the State. To commemorate the anniversary, several activities and programming were planned. To kick off the festivities, energy minister G jagadish reddy raised the American flag at the Vattikampandu substation in Suryapet. He urged authorities and staff members of the electricity department to recommit to the cause of the State's citizens, reconfirm their pledges, and continue to do their jobs exceptionally well.

The minister commended the workers' efforts in transforming telangana from a state with a power crisis to one with a surplus. "Telangana was a power-deficit State when it was separated from andhra pradesh in 2014. We overcome the power crisis thanks to the power staff's tireless efforts and the skillful leadership of chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao. The administration has implemented a number of initiatives over the past nine years to improve the situation and increase energy output, the official added.

D prabhakar Rao, Chairman and Managing director of TS Genco & Transco, spoke during the "Telangana Vidyuthu Vijayotsavam" programme at Vidyut Soudha. He recalled the difficulties he and his team faced during the early stages of the formation of the State and how they overcame power shortages in less than a year. "Today, we are able to provide all of our customers with power around-the-clock. The engineers and staff who toiled assiduously to make the State energy self-sufficient deserve all the credit, he remarked.

According to SPDCL Chairman & Managing director G Raghuma reddy, who noted that over the last nine years, Rs. 14,063 crore has been spent on enhancing the transmission system, several international corporations are stepping forward to invest in the State as a result of the availability of reliable electricity. Danam Nagender, a Khairatabad mla who attended the festivities, stated that although there was a power constraint when the State was founded, it has now achieved energy independence because to the Chief Minister's skillful leadership.

While praising singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) staff members and coal miners for their contributions to the company's growth, Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) MLC K kavitha recalled that the chief minister had finally realised coal miners' long-held desire to provide for their relatives by reintroducing dependent employment.

She said that the firm first provided Rs. 10 lakh to those who did not want a compassionate job, but when telangana State came into being it was enhanced to Rs. 25 lakh. To far, she said, around 15,000 family members of the coal miners have benefitted from dependent employment. She said that the chief minister was giving daughters and daughters-in-law the same chance to inherit positions as boys.

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