G20 meetings or summits put more emphasis on this kind of poison, including war on the West. But the result is null. The G20 summit this time will help to give new energy to the dejected countries amid major issues such as terrorist attack on America, Covid, Russia-Ukraine war.

On one side is the West, on the other is Russia. But there are many countries in between. At the G20 summit held in Bali, all countries including india and russia signed an agreement on war. But it is not appropriate to reiterate this at the G20 summit in India. It should vary according to the situation. All the G20 countries have accepted the resolution we have taken on the war between russia and Ukraine. Solidarity in the Global South. Many problems can be solved through this unity. We have invited 125 countries to join the Global South Alliance. All countries have agreed to this and are part of the unity.

I am excited to visit Kerala. Importantly today is Vishwakarma day. Vishwakarma Day is being celebrated all over the country. central government is celebrating Vishwakarma Day today with many programs to honor artisans, mainly considering their contribution to India. His contribution in upholding the culture and heritage of india is immense. The central government has implemented new schemes to uplift this community economically, socially and educationally. jaishankar said that the objective of these schemes is to provide interest-free easy credit and open the artisans to the global market.

Fundamental issues cannot be discussed at the G20 summit held in India. This was not limited to just a few issues, including global warming. We discussed many issues including education, resource utilization, health and development. We discussed temperature change. In this case we have discussed about the economy required for this. In some countries there is lack of nutritious food, collapse of education system, deteriorating health conditions and systems. He said that India's G20 conference is important to find a solution globally.

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