MLA Basanagowda Patila Yatnal said that the family of those who bought Sanatan is like seeing aids and leprosy. Naragunda spoke to the bjp workers who met him on the way to Hubli. mla Basanagowda Patila Yatnal said that the family of those who bought Sanatan is like seeing aids and leprosy. Talking to Naragunda bjp workers whom he met on the way to Hubli, he said that there is a 50 percent subsidy for a single community to take an auto. He questioned whether the backward people should not give 50% subsidy to Dalits as well.

Yatnal said that subsidy of one village is appeasement, not for Dalits and backward people. He said that the poor should be saved in any society. congress discriminated against caste. Nowhere we have said about Manusmriti. Manusmriti has not been justified by bjp or RSS anywhere. However, to cover up the government's failure, he raised the issue of Manusmriti and said that he is going to blame Sanatana Dharma. He said, Look, those who swear by Sanatan will be destroyed. rahul gandhi says that he is a Brahmin after putting on an animal. He says he is a Muslim after doing Namaz. They speak against the country abroad. There Muslim League is said to be a pure secular party. In its name itself, there is Muslim League. He satirized the I.N.D.I.A alliance as 'India' in Bijapur district saying that 'India' alliance has done appeasement and destabilized india and destroyed Sanatana Dharma.

BJP wins more seats in the lok sabha elections: Vijayapur city mla Basan Gowda Patil Yatna expressed confidence that the bjp will win more seats in the coming lok sabha elections. He was speaking at the district level Shankhana program organized at the district bjp office hall in the city. social media should be used adequately in elections. He said that they should comment on the post of the opponents and give a suitable reply.

Prakash raj said that Hindu Sanatan dharma is like a crow. I replied that prakash raj is a pig. He also said that you should not just talk about happiness and give a suitable answer. Earlier the media was in the hands of leftist ideologues. The media that supports Modi is called Modi media. He asked why 14 presenters were banned by india Alliance. Hindus, Dalits and the Constitution can survive only if Sanatan survives. The chief minister of the state, Siddaramaiah, will tweet and discuss about Manuva and Manusmriti. Have we ever discussed Manusmriti? He said that we have not said anywhere that we will make a constitution instead. bjp has increased the amount of reservation. congress did not award Ambedkar Bharat Ratna. When he died, he lashed out at the congress saying that he was not even given a place for his funeral.

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