In Basti, under the leadership of Uttar Pradesh Primary teachers Association district President uday Shankar

Shukla, teachers staged a massive protest in front of the district Basic education Officer office demanding

restoration of old pension. Protest was carried out by burning the effigy of NPS in a dharna organized on the call

of Pension Restoration Joint Forum' NJCA national leadership. After the strike, on the demand of restoration of

old pension and making contract, contract, honorarium, teachers, Shiksha Mitras, instructors, cooks, accountants,

computer operators and district coordinators etc. appointed in Basic education Council as regular pay scale

employees etc. The focused one-point memorandum was handed over to Naib Tehsildar Ghanshyam Shukla, the

officer nominated by the district Magistrate.

In this series, the second memorandum regarding local problems was submitted to district Basic Education

Officer Anup Kumar Tripathi. While addressing the protest, Sangh district President uday Shankar Shukla said

that the plight of the NPS system implemented in the year 2005 cannot be described. He said that even after 18

years, neither accounts were opened on time nor deductions were made in a systematic manner in NPS. Due to

the faulty system, officers, employees and teachers are facing financial and mental harassment. In case of any

sudden divine event, the future of the family is no longer secure. The biggest fund of NPS, amounting to

thousands of crores of officers, employees and teachers, is being invested in the stock market, mutual funds and

bonds of other financial institutions. Pension will be determined based on his income and results.

Lockout in all schools of the district on 21st October

Sangh district President uday Shankar Shukla said that the country knows about many scams in the stock

market including that of harshad Mehta. Pension payment in NPS has also not been guaranteed by the

government. The full bench of the supreme court has said in its decision that pension of the employees is not

alms, but their right. Restoration of old pension is not a new demand. The facilities snatched away from us and

our families for living after retirement should be restored. He appealed that the employees should be alert about

their rights otherwise the government will snatch away their rights one by one. He said that receiving pension is

the legal right of the employees. On 21st October, all the council schools of the district will be under complete

lockdown. All teachers along with their school families will participate in the movement.

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