In the year 2018, assembly elections were held in the state in a single phase on december 7, 2018 and the

election schedule was announced in the beginning of October. There are 200 assembly seats in this state. In the

last elections i.e. 2018 elections, congress had won 99 seats. Which was just two seats less than the majority

number. If any party wants to win with majority in the state, it will have to win at least 101 seats. After

winning 99 seats in the year 2018, congress crossed the majority mark with the support of Bahujan Samaj

Party (BSP) and Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) and came to power. On the other hand, bharatiya janata party (BJP)

got 73 seats and after congress, bjp stood second.

Who will be the Chief Minister's face in this election?

At present, both congress and bjp have not revealed who will be the cm face. Although there is speculation

regarding congress that the current chief minister Ashok Gehlot will become the CM. But, bjp has not yet

announced its cm candidate, although vasundhara raje is currently considered to be the frontrunner in this

race. If a consensus is not reached in the party regarding a single face, then bjp can contest the elections even

without declaring a chief ministerial candidate. The biggest fight in rajasthan assembly elections 2023 is

between bjp and Congress.

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