When an andhra pradesh business owner received an electrical bill totaling more over one crore rupees, he was astounded. A charge for Rs 1,01,56,116 was sent to G. Ashok, the proprietor of a small diamond store in Kotturu town, for the power used between september 2 and october 2. When the proprietor of Durga Jewellers on Palakonda Road saw the amount, he was horrified. 

According to Ashok, his usual monthly spend is between Rs 7,000 and Rs 8,000. When he asked the officers of the power department about the bill, they gave him the assurance that they will look into it and issue a fresh bill.

A shop owner in Andhra Pradesh's srikakulam district was shocked to receive an electricity bill of more than Rs one crore. G. Ashok, owner of a small jewellery shop in Kotturu town, received a bill of Rs 1,01,56,116 towards electricity consumed from september 2 to october 2. The owner of Durga Jewelers on Palakonda Road was shocked to see the bill issued by electricity staff. ashok said that he gets an average monthly bill of Rs 7,000 to Rs 8,000. He questioned the electricity department officials about the bill and they assured him that they will look into it and issue a new bill.

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