Jyothika will be acting again with the famous actor Suriya!

Jo to join husband again.. Popular female director getting ready - Is the latest update true?

Actress Jyothika: The famous actress jyothika acted in the tamil film "Udanberutah" released in 2021. After that, she is again acting in hindi language films. Famous actress Jyotika started her world journey with a hindi film released in 1998. After that, in 1999, the famous tamil director S.J. Suriya made his debut in the tamil film industry with Thala Ajith's Wali. In the same year, he acted with Suriya for the first time in the film "Poovellam Keteparr".

Jyothika Suriya

After that, he acted in many good films in tamil language. Jyothika, who has acted with many leading actors like Thalapathy Vijay, Thala Ajith, and Ulagaha Nayagan Kamal, fell in love with famous actor Suriya and got married in 2006. Both of them acted in a few films together.

Director Anjali

In this case, some information has come out that after many years, jyothika will be acting again with the famous actor Suriya. It is noteworthy that some information has come out that famous director Anjali Menon, who is famous for directing Bangalore Days films, will direct this film.

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