TDP mla Yeluri Sambasiva Rao's strength in Parchoor..!?

- Sensational victory over ycp Daggubati in 2019.

- Jagan who contested the seat as a weak candidate.

- 'Eluri' owns hat-trick victory with record majority..!

Parchoor in bapatla district can be written among the seats that the telugu desam party will definitely win. Even ycp leader jagan once included parchoor in the list of seats where ycp would surely lose. Here TDP sitting mla Eluri Sambasiva Rao's strength is in a range. In many constituencies, jagan, who has defeated many great people with his equations, is unable to touch Eluri in Parchoor. Jagan, who changed three or four in-charges after the last election, brought in Edam balaji, who was unknown to the constituency before the election. Sometime in 2014, he contested from ycp in sarees.

Even jagan does not believe that ycp will win in Parchoor no matter how good the candidate is. That is why the leaders of their own party want to hear that Edam Balaji was made a sacrificial animal to give a seat to the Kapu community in the district. In the 2019 elections, Jagan who gave tickets to two Kapu leaders, Amanchi Krishnamohan in saris and Maddishetti Venugopal in Darshi, this time gave the seat to balaji in parchoor with a completely wrong equation. Even Balaji was given the seat a few days after he realized his situation in Paruchur and did not campaign wholeheartedly. The YSP is saying that they completely threw up their hands before the poll management.

When it comes to Yeluru, parchoor has emerged as an undisputed leader in the constituency regardless of party affiliation. Not only during the five years when the party was in power but when the party was in the opposition, he stood by the people of the constituency and proved that parchoor Gadda eluru Adda. In 2019, the war was completely one-sided in Eluri, who created a record as a giant killer by defeating Daggubati Venkateswara Rao, a political warrior who became a crow during Jagan's prosperity. In parchoor, sitting mla Eluri has a record majority and YSP is saying that it is certain to win a hat-trick with a bumper majority of 25,000 to 30,000. In all the surveys that have been positive for ycp, it is said that tdp candidate Sambasiva Rao is going to win in Parchoor. Based on this, it seems clear that Eluri's victory in parchoor is a victory over Nalleru.

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