Will Sachin Pilot's statement increase BJP's tension? 

Former deputy chief minister of rajasthan and congress leader sachin pilot on tuesday (11 June) took a dig at the division of departments in the Modi government. He said in Dausa that the tussle has started in the Modi government, many parties are apprehensive. It has started. Time will tell how long the government lasts.

Pilot said that the public has given a message that the politics of oppression, revenge and discrimination will not work. He said, "I want to thank the people of the state for the results that have come in Rajasthan. Exit polls used to show different things. The people of rajasthan have shown, they have defeated them on 11 seats. Be it UP, Haryana, Rajasthan...here the public, farmers and youth have given a clear indication."

Politics of discrimination will not work - Sachin Pilot

Sachin Pilot further said, "A coalition government has been formed. A clear majority has not been obtained. The message has been sent that the politics of repression, revenge, attack, discrimination will not work. people did not like the way MPs were suspended earlier in Parliament. The public has given a message to the government that there is a need to work together. The number of congress has doubled. bjp MPs have decreased.''

Result of Rajasthan

Let us tell you that in the lok sabha elections, the 'India' alliance has won 11 out of 25 lok sabha seats in Rajasthan. In the 2019 elections, bjp had won all the seats. At the same time, bjp has lost 63 seats across the country. bjp has won 240 seats. congress has won 99 seats.

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