AP: Nadendla Manohar.. will you keep .. will you take it..?

As part of the alliance, many leaders of the Jana Sena party have been given many important branches. nadendla manohar has an opportunity as the Civil Supplies minister of andhra pradesh State in connection with the janasena Party. Once the speaker stopped by the speaker who tried to become a minister. Now he has joined the cabinet as a key minister. He took charge as the leader of civil supplies. Now the crucial point before him is that ration used to go to the shop earlier.

People are the ones who go to the ration dealers and get it.. but it can be said that the ration dealers are also a key to the defeat of the YCP. Because the vehicle system has been brought as an alternative to dealers. Even though dealers have a stock point, all the supply goes to people's homes through ration vehicles. Due to this, the dealers have no chance to eat. In the past, ration dealers also used to do a lot of manipulations. There is no possibility of any such thing happening after ycp comes to power. Due to this, these same dealers also got angry on Jagan.

Even now the same pressure exists among the pro-TDP leaders. Now when the ration comes, it has become a habit to come near the house. Also through voluntary system. people are asking whether they should go to the ration dealers instead of going to the ration houses. If you see these vehicles, you will definitely remember Jagan's name. jagan remembers exactly what stickers were put on them. So Manohar's decision to stop or continue these vehicles became a challenge.

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