Will the Problems of kurnool be solved by Bastipati Nagaraju..?

* The kurnool Mantralayam railway line project will be completed.
* Will Nagaraju play a key role in making kurnool a smart city?
* Will Bastipati Nagaraj maintain the trust of the people of Kurnool?

In the 2014 and 2019 elections, despite the success of ycp candidates from the kurnool district mp position, the benefit of the kurnool district in the last ten years is almost nil. But people believe that kurnool TDP mp Bastipati Nagaraju will uphold the trust that those leaders gave. Nagaraju is highly educated and has an understanding of people's problems. The kurnool Mantralayam railway line has been discussed for decades but no steps have been taken in this direction. people here have wanted this project to be completed for 54 years. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that kurnool wants to become a smart city and the development programs here should be done fast. But it remains to be seen whether Bastipati Nagaraju will maintain the trust of the people of kurnool by raising his voice in the Parliament.
There are many problems in kurnool district and the people of the district feel that Nagaraju will definitely solve those problems and take steps towards solving them. It remains to be seen whether the development of kurnool during Nagaraju's rule will also increase employment opportunities for kurnool residents. Bastipati Nagaraju, who was elected mp for the first time, is already solving the problems of the people that came to his attention.

This leader from the kuruba community has said on several occasions that he will work hard for the development of Kurnool. kurnool MLA TG Bharat also revealed that he will make key decisions for the development of the constituency. It is known that chandrababu naidu is also giving more priority to Kurnool. It has to be seen whether Chandrababu will announce the decisions for the benefit of kurnool in terms of grant of funds. Comments are heard that it would be better if the projects related to kurnool were completed quickly.

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