AP MPs be alert...! Implement those Promises..!?

- This is the correct time to fulfill the promises of the Partition Act
- Will MPs fulfill the promises made by the Center?
-CM revanth reddy is also trying to implement the Partition Act as soon as possible.

The time has come. No matter what was the situation of tdp in the past, now the party has come together again. It makes better use of it in order to support not only the interests of the party but also the interests of the state. With this, the tdp MPs got an opportunity to implement the promises of the Partition Act, which the Center has ignored for a long period of ten years. Jana Sena also cooperates in this, so there is more opportunity. In particular, the items in the Partition Act include the visakha Railway Zone, which has been pending for a long time. At the same time, there is a good chance of getting central funds, including the kadapa steel factory. tdp MPs should try to achieve this by mentioning them in the parliamentary sessions which are about to start now. Another thing that comes together here is Telangana.
It is known that there is a congress party government in telangana, and that government also wants to implement the promises of partition. telangana congress also has 8 MPs. It is noteworthy that the party was divided in the past. In addition to this, cm revanth reddy is also trying to implement the Partition Act as soon as possible and bring the projects to the state. Even if the MPs of AP-Telangana ruling parties put pressure on the center, willingness to do is the most important thing. Besides tdp doing more good for the state. Even if there are 22 MPs there will be a chance to raise the collar in front of YCP. Observers say that it would be better if the MPs prepared their work accordingly.

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