Navratri: Why is maha Ashtami special?

Although the nine days of durga puja are very special for Bengalis, but the days from Panchami to Vijaya Dashami are more important. Everyone celebrates the nine days of navratri differently, but the day of Ashtami is even more special. In Bengal, it is called maha Ashtami and on this day it is customary to give an anjali to the Durga Devi. 

From the morning of october 3, people will start gathering in the temple and pandals for the darshan of the Durga Devi.

Durga Ashtami 3rd october 2022 Monday

Ashtami date starts- 02 october 2022 at 06.47 pm.

Ashtami date ends - 03 october 2022 at 04.37 pm

Abhijeet Muhurta of Mahashtami Puja: 12:04 to 12:51 in the afternoon.

Why is maha Ashtami special?

The eighth day of navratri is called Mahaashtami, on this day flowers are offered to the Durga Devi. On this day all people offer flowers to Durga Devi. women wear all of the white and red saris and reach the pandals dressed very well. On the eighth day, there is a law to worship Mahagauri, the eighth form of Durga. Mahagauri is worshipped as a gentle goddess. The vehicle of Mahagauri is Taurus. 

What are the things to keep in mind on this day?

Although the Durga devi is worshipped after taking a bath in the morning during navratri, on the day of Ashtami, nothing should be eaten before giving an anjali. Wear clean and new clothes on this day. Many people also make a branch of flowers and fruits and offer it to the Durga devi.

One should never sleep after worship and anjali, evening time is very auspicious. 108 lamps are lit during Sandhi Kaal. 

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