How many crores of 5g technology customers in 2022?

Sweden's telecommunications equipment maker Ericsson expects the number of 5g mobile subscribers to reach one billion globally by 2022. The number of 5g subscribers is expected to be highest in china and North America. There is economic uncertainty in many countries around the world for a number of reasons, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, 5g mobile service is expected to be the biggest expectation globally and 5g technology is expected to be hugely welcomed on behalf of the public and technocrats.The number of 5g users has gone to 620 million from 70 million in the first quarter of this year. Similarly, the number of 4G subscribers has increased to 4.9 billion. 5g technology is getting huge support among today's generation, so it is said that the number of users of 5g technology will increase surprisingly.Techies estimate that the 5g technology users will exceed 4.4 billion by 2025. The growth of 5g technology will peak this year. But at the same time, 5g technology has reached the one billion target in a single year from its launch.It is also predicted that the telephone operator and mobile phone makers are paving the way for lower prices and this will also be a factor in increasing the number of 5g users. Later this year, india sets to launch the 5g spectrum auction. The growth of 5g subscribers will be much higher than expected in India.The report said that there will be about 30 million customers using 5g technology in india by 2022 and that number is expected to cross 50 million by 2023.

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