The celebrity who pours Coca-cola on her head and rubs it..!?

A famous model washed her hair with Coca-Cola. Do you know why she did that? read the full post. Usually, you have heard of shampooing the head and taking a bath. Since summer is here, some people even have the habit of putting hair bags on their heads. For this, they use materials including aloe vera. But here a famous model is rubbing Coca-cola on her head and washing it. english model Alice Suki Waterhouse (English model Alice Suki Waterhouse) has shared this strange hair-washing style on the internet.
Not stopping at just rubbing this sample of Coca-Cola on her head, she also took to social media to share its benefits. When it comes to social media, health tips are shared more than ever. Is it a benefit? Evil? Some people are using it without examining it. In this case, english model Alice shared that rubbing Coca-Cola on the head is beneficial. Since then, the image of coca cola doing wonders for hair is emerging. english model Alice said that her hair became more beautiful when coke was rubbed on her head. It seems that many people who see this are likely to try it. Is Coca-Cola Really Good for Hair? According to some reports, coca cola contains phosphoric acid which has a very low pH level. When applied to the scalp, it tightens the cuticle of the hair strands and gives smooth, shiny, and wavy hair. If you first wash your hair with water and then rub it with coke, your hair will look beautiful. The sugar in this drink adds volume to the hair.Everyone desires to have silky and beautiful hair. Is it enough to buy a bottle of Coca-Cola and rub it? It does not cleanse the scalp or hair while rubbing it. corn syrup and other ingredients in it, when applied to the scalp, can cause problems such as greasiness, irritation, dandruff, and hair loss. While washing your hair with Coca-Cola may make your hair look beautiful, it can indeed have long-term effects. You guys should not spoil your head because the english model rubs it on her head. Be careful.

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