Women banned from wearing this... supreme court orders action! A French court has issued a restraining order banning women from wearing burgundy in public swimming pools. women who use public swimming pools in the French city of Crinobel are required to wear 'bikinis'. This is why the dress called burqini is still allowed to be worn by Islamic women. Some take it as a positive approach, but still in this modern era, this isn't highly acceptable.

Considered a combination of the words burda and bikini, the burgundy dress covers the entire body and is visible only to the face. There was opposition from various quarters that the dress was meant to express religious identity in public. The matter is being heard in a lower court in Grenoble. The court ruled that women were not allowed to wear burqas in public swimming pools.

The order was challenged in the French supreme Court. The supreme court today delivered a sensational verdict in the case. In it, ‘Burkini is banned from being worn in public swimming pools across the country. The supreme court has ruled that the ban imposed by the court in Grenoble will be lifted in this regard.

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