Ugly acts not allowed..!? Kriti Sanon's kissing controversy..!?

Heroine kriti sanon and director Om Raut kissing on tirumala Hill became a sensation. In the wake of this becoming a big controversy, CS Rangarajan, the chief priest of Chilukur balaji Temple, expressed his anger. It is known that ``Adipurush'' director Om Raut and heroine kriti sanon are stuck in controversy. Yesterday (Wednesday) morning, these two hugged while going after visiting tirumala Srivara. director Om Raut kissed Kriti. It became a sensation. CS Rangarajan, the chief priest of Chilukur balaji Temple, has expressed his anger in the wake of what has become a big controversy. He was infuriated that such works are not acceptable on tirumala Hill.
He said that it was a pleasure to see the team of ``Adipurush'' on tirumala Hill. After Swami's darshan, the girl who played the role of Seethamma and the director came out. Hugs and kisses wearing Swami's relics are mind-blowing. Such ugly acts cannot be done on tirumala Hills. Rangarajan expressed indignation that there was no consent. He further says, there must be rules of devotion and thought. Even if husband and wife come together to Swami's tirumala hill or participate in the wedding ceremony, they are careful in their thinking. They are careful not to get any other ugly thoughts. Hugging and kissing in public in such a place is an outrageous act. Normally he doesn't come before tv channels to talk about such things. But when the great Rams like NT Rama Rao and akkineni nageswara rao played their roles, the audience saw them as divine equals. They are equally devoted. It should be done that way. Rangarajan expressed indignation that tirumala is considered the earthly Vaikuntha, where there are crores of devotees in such a place where such things (kisses, hugs) are done. He claimed that those acts were an insult to Sitaram. This will further fuel the controversy. There was a huge hype about the movie with the pre-release event of ``Adipurush'' in Tirupati. The craze was at its peak. It is noteworthy that the work done by kriti sanon and the director at a time when everything is going positive is now damaging the reputation of the film. And it remains to be seen what kind of twists and turns the heroine and director will react to this.

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