An alleged pornographic video call to a woman made by ysr congress party mp Gorantla madhav that allegedly went viral on social media has put the party in a bad light. Sajjala ramakrishna Reddy, a senior member of the YSRC and the state government's advisor for public affairs, informed reporters that a probe into the purported video conversation had been initiated, and that if it turned out to be true, harsh action would be taken against the MP.

"Sparing someone who acts indecently against women is not an option. We're going to behave severely. police are looking investigating the situation to see if the footage is real or fake, according to Sajjala. According to reports in a portion of the media, YSRC president and chief minister Y S jagan Mohan reddy took serious note of the incident and sought information from the police and party leaders regarding the video. According to the preliminary investigation, the mp might be expelled from the party, according to these reports.

Madhav was seen in the video conversing indecently to a woman on her cell phone while purportedly posing in his underwear. Unknown woman brought it to the attention of telugu desam party authorities, who spread it widely on social media, according to information. The mp, who is at the moment in New Delhi, vehemently denounced the video. At first, he claimed that the video was altered and that he was not actually in it. Later, he amended his story and claimed that the video was actually recorded while he was in a gym. He also reported the tdp social media activists to the police, alleging that they had altered the video to harm his reputation.

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