First French Female writer to win the Nobel!!!

Annie Ernaux, a French writer, has been awarded the Nobel prize in Literature for 2022. The Nobel Committee said that Annie Ernaux writes on social inequalities and inequalities. She writes about the truth of society. She is being awarded the Nobel for Literature for this reason. The permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, Mats Malm, announced the winner on thursday in Stockholm, Sweden.

Annie Ernaux, who won the Nobel prize, believes that writing is also a part of politics. It changes our perspective. Only then we look critically at the social inequality spread in society. Annie Ernaux's writing style is satirical and is known for hitting out straight at society. She is 80 years old and she is very active. She had written a book about her relationship with his father, which was discussed a lot.

She has also beautifully portrayed her feelings on her se*ual experiences and the vigilance of her personal identity, abortion, illness and the experiences of losing her close ones such as her parents. Her conscious vision of her soil and identity and the pain of separation, she has preserved in her writings in a very relevant way.

Who is Annie Ernaux?

Annie Ernaux is a French writer. She was born in the year 1940 in Normandy. Her early education was completed in Yvetot, Normandy. Her parents ran a grocery store. It was from here that she started feeling social inequality. When she got into writing, similar establishments were her target. She is also known for writing an autobiography in a different way.

Annie Ernaux worked as a school teacher for a few days. She took higher education in modern literature and then got involved in research work. Since 1970, she had joined the list of famous writers in France.

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