Durga stalin in Grief: cm MK stalin pays last respects...

Chief minister M. K. Stalin’s wife Durga Stalin’s elder sister Sarumathi was undergoing treatment at chennai Apollo Hospital for the past few days due to ill health. Today, she passed away after taking treatment. She is 62 years old.

Chief Minister’s wife Durga stalin has 2 sisters Sarumathi and Jayanti and a brother Rajamurthy. Sarumathi was living in Chennai. Durga stalin is deeply involved in spirituality. She goes to famous temples and worships. While doing so, she would take one of his two sisters with her always. Durga stalin is always affectionate towards her co-borns. In this situation, Sarumathi’s death has left her in great sadness.

Sarumathi's body would be cremated today evening in Chennai, it has also been reported. Chief minister M. K. stalin, ministers, DMK executives and many others paid tribute to Sarumathi’s body, which was kept at her house in Egmore, Chennai.

Funeral this evening

In this situation, for the past few days, her condition was not well and she was being treated at Apollo Hospital. Sarumathi died early this morning. Durga stalin, who was shocked to hear this news, was consoled by her relatives. Following this, chief minister M.K.Stalin, ministers and DMK executives are paying tribute to Sarumathi's body which is kept at her house in Egmore, Chennai. Her funeral is said to be held this evening.

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