Five telugu directors were having a round table conversation when footage of it surfaced showing one of them condemning the kgf movie and the others agreeing with him. Four of them were directors who had collaborated with nani, and the actor was prompted to respond. Before discussing the matter, nani made it clear that this is his understanding and opinion. What was said and how it was expressed, in Nani's opinion, were utterly incorrect.

They provided an explanation for what they said, nani continued. I believe it resembled a conversation between friends that typically follows a movie, but it took place during an interview and resulted in controversy. One needs to have exercised caution when speaking. I felt awful because venkatesh Maha, the person sitting next to him, was also caught up in this. All of the directors I know who were present enjoy mainstream cinema.

Nandini reddy even whistles while seeing a big-budget film. On average, 990 out of 1000 people evaluated them after viewing a 10-second clip. Individuals in his immediate vicinity become enthralled when a filmmaker uses a humorous narration style. It appears to be a mistake because I am familiar with all of them. We didn't appreciate that either because the remarks were made against the movie kgf, which we all adore.

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