The extraordinarily brilliant music director devi sri prasad is once again under intense strain from music fans after producing Waltair Veerayya for megastar Chiranjeevi. While Veerayya's songs have only recently begun to get traction, they are hoping to create songs that will go viral and garner 300+ million views. This will only be achievable with particular pairings.

The team of DSP, Sukumar, and hero allu arjun has a track record of success, and the director and composer have also worked with other heroes to produce fantastic blockbusters. They are reportedly concentrating on pushpa 2 at the moment, and the renowned composer is sitting in chennai throughout the daytime writing the songs for the film with sukumar present. Not only that, but he is also engaged in another significant endeavour.

The collaboration between DSP and the actor Suriya is also well-established, and the composer is now working on the actor's upcoming Siva-directed movie. The soundtrack for the movie, which stars disha patani as the lead, needs some upbeat big-budget tunes, and the composer is reportedly working on them diligently. He is rumoured to discuss the music with Siva and Suriya in the evenings. For allu arjun and Suriya, it sounds like DSP has been working day and night. We hope he will release another pushpa range album that will be well-liked across the country.

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