Bandh: Famous YouTuber is in the custody of Police...

People movement has arisen in bihar on the arrest of YouTuber manish Kashyap. Supporters of manish Kashyap have called a bihar bandh on 23 March. Supporters say that he used to expose the hollow claims of the administration, that is why action has been taken against him. A conspiracy has been hatched to implicate him in a fake video case. The Brahmin Bhumihar community is also hurt by his arrest and is demanding immediate justice.

Manish Kashyap, who made the video of the alleged beating of Bihari labourers viral in tamil Nadu, has faced serious allegations of forgery. tamil Nadu government has also said that the video which is being told of tamil Nadu is wrong and misleading.

Why is manish Kashyap in police custody?

Police are questioning YouTuber manish Kashyap. He has much sensitive information, which the police want to get. There is an allegation against manish Kashyap for running paid news. He is accused of running the news in the wrong way.

Why did the crowd gather in support of manish Kashyap?

Manish Kashyap is one of the famous faces of Bihar. He has millions of fans now. people are convinced of his reporting. people spend their lives on reporting done in their special style. manish Kashyap speaks fiercely against the administrative flaws of Bihar. He is also a critic of the ruling government of Bihar. This is the reason why he gets the support of the opposition. Political workers have also come in support of manish Kashyap.

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