Cousins As producers, rana daggubati and naga chaitanya Akkineni worked on a fascinating idea. They both have a passion for filmmaking and have made the decision to step out in support of emerging talent. The team is creating a web series called maya Bazaar to introduce a female filmmaker, Gauthami Challagulla, to the film industry.

Recently, rana daggubati established a production company called Spirit Media, and he is listening to and selecting many screenplays for the banner. There is a rumor that maya Bazaar is produced under the same banner. According to the reports, Rana and naga chaitanya worked together on the project. A number of notable actors, including naresh Vijaya Krishna, Jhansi, eesha Rebba, Aditi Myakal, ravi Varma, Hariteja, Navdeep, raja Chembolu, Sunaina Badam, and harika Vedula, appear in the intriguing family drama maya Bazaar.

The show's cinematographer is naveen Yadav, and Jerry Silvester is in charge of the soundtrack composition. Soon, all of the information about the web series will be available. Rana and Chay are working on a project together for the first time, so let's hope they are successful. watch out this space for more updates in this regard.

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