Congressman rahul gandhi altered his twitter bio to read "Dis'Qualified MP" on Sunday, two days after being removed from the Lok Sabha. rahul gandhi, a member of the indian national congress and a disqualified member of parliament, is now identified in his twitter bio as such. The relationship between prime minister Narendra Modi and the adani Group is under attack, according to gandhi, who stated this on Saturday. At a news conference in Delhi, he made the comments.

Rahul gandhi declared, "My voice is being suppressed," and asserted that he attempted to address the Speaker about the bogus allegations made by four ministers but was prevented from doing so. The "relationship between prime minister Narendra Modi and gautam adani is not new," he further claimed. I won't stop questioning who the Rs 20,000 crore that came out of shell firms belongs to, he continued.

The elder Congressman continued, "I am not afraid of prison sentence, disqualification, and others. I am here to defend the voice of the nation. They do not comprehend me since I am not that kind of person. I won't give in and will stick to my principles. A day after being found guilty in the 2019 "Modi surname" defamation case, rahul gandhi was removed from the lok sabha on Friday.

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