History in World Boxing Championship: Golden punch...

The third good news has come for the country from the Women's World Boxing Championship. Nikhat Zareen has won the gold medal and with this india has 3 gold medals, created history by winning two consecutive gold medals in the World Boxing Championship. Before her, Mary Kom has won gold in this competition for two consecutive years.

Nikhat won gold in an exciting match

Nikhat Zareen defeated Nguyen Thi Tam of vietnam in the final match held in Delhi. In the first round, there was a fierce fight between the two and Tam tried to land some strong blows but the decision went in favor of Nikhat. The second round was 2-3 for Tam but in the third round, Nikhat showed excellent defense with attack and won the round.

Gold won in the World Boxing championship for the second time in a row

26-year-old Nikhat Zareen won the gold medal in the Women's World Boxing championship last year as well. She has created history by winning gold for two consecutive times. Before Nikhat, Mary Kom has also won gold for two consecutive years. Mary Kom has won the World Boxing championship a total of 6 times in her career (2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2018). India's Saweety Boora and Neetu Ghanghas have also won the gold medal in the same competition on Saturday. The country has got a total of 3 gold medals.

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