N Chandrababu Naidu, the president of the telugu desam party and a former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, is said to be at a loss as to how to handle the four ysr congress party MLAs who have been expelled from their organisation for supporting tdp candidate Panchumarthi Anuradha in the recently held MLC elections. At the tdp politburo meeting conducted in hyderabad on Tuesday, it is understood that the subject of the four suspended MLAs - kotamreddy sridhar Reddy, Anam Ramnarayana Reddy, Mekapati chandrasekhar Reddy, and undavalli Sridevi - was discussed.

Naidu asked the politburo members for their thoughts on what the tdp should do with the four rebel YSRC MLAs, including whether they should be accepted into the party and what would happen if they were. According to reports, these MLAs have already spoken with the tdp leadership. However, the party cannot disregard them because they supported the tdp candidate, ostensibly after speaking with the party leadership. The gathering may need to make accommodations for them.

To avoid upsetting the existing party leaders, it is rumoured that the politburo members advised Naidu to first talk with the local tdp leaders and other ticket contenders before allowing the rebel MLAs to join the party. Others agreed, saying it would be preferable if Naidu held off on promising the rebel MLAs party tickets right away because there is also the potential for a coalition with the Jana Sena Party. After weighing all of these advantages and disadvantages, the tdp chairman is anticipated to decide on the dissident YSRCP MLAs, according to sources.

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