Warning..! Drinking cow's urine is unfit for humans..!?

The indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) has firmly stated that cow urine can never be recommended for human consumption. A study conducted by the indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) has revealed that cow urine is not suitable for human consumption as it may contain harmful bacteria. A study by a team of three Ph.D. students led by Bhoj raj Singh of the indian Veterinary Research Institute found that urine samples from cows and bulls contained at least 14 types of harmful bacteria. This study also revealed that it can cause stomach infections.
The results of this research have been published on Researchgate, a website for research. Bhoj raj Singh, who has given an epidemiologic interview about this, said that statistical analysis of 73 urine samples from cows, buffaloes, and humans showed that the antibacterial activity of buffalo urine is much higher than that of cow urine. Buffalo urine is significantly more effective against some bacteria. Also, he categorically states that under no circumstances can urine be recommended for human consumption. They collected urine samples from three breeds of cows - Sahiwal, Dharbargar, and Vindhavani (crossbred) - from local dairy farms, as well as buffalo and human urine samples. The study, conducted between june and november 2022, revealed significant levels of pathogenic bacteria in the urine of apparently healthy individuals.Some argue that distilled urine does not contain infectious bacteria. They are investigating that further. It also does not bear the trademark of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of india (FSSAI). Former director of the indian Veterinary Research Institute R. S. Chauhan claims that cow urine is effective against coronavirus. He has been researching cow urine for 25 years, and distilled cow urine improves immunity in humans. They have found that it also helps against cancer and covid infection. This particular work was not done on distilled or clear urine samples of cow. They recommend consuming distilled Urine only, says Chouhan.

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