Next risk? Deadly Powassan virus..!?

Recently, a person has died in the united states due to a deadly virus called the Powassan virus. New types of viruses have been spreading since the corona pandemic. Some of these viruses are life-threatening. Recently, one person died in the united states due to the deadly virus known as the Powassan virus. This year, the first case of Powassan disease was reported in Maine, USA. Although Powassan infections are extremely rare, infections have increased in recent years, particularly in the united states, Canada, and Russia. Last year, two deaths were reported in Maine, with 15 Powassan cases reported since 2015. Up to 25 people are infected each year in the United States. While this has created a worrying situation for health professionals, let's take a look at the symptoms, causes, and treatment of this virus.

How does Powassan spread?

Powassan virus is transmitted by the bite of an infected tick, such as a deer tick or squirrel tick. Most infestations are reported from the Northeast and Great Lakes regions from late spring to mid-autumn when ticks are most active during this time.
Powassan Virus: Symptoms

Symptoms may include fever, headache, vomiting, and weakness. It can also cause a brain infection or build up in the brain and spinal cord (encephalitis). In severe cases, patients may experience confusion, loss of coordination, difficulty speaking, and even seizures.

Powassan virus: diagnosis

Those infected with the deadly virus should contact their doctor, who will diagnose their condition through laboratory tests of blood and spinal fluid based on the patient's signs and symptoms.
Powassan virus: treatment

 Complete rest is recommended for those suffering from this disease. Patients are advised to add fluids to their diet. Doctors gave over-the-counter pain medications to help with the symptoms.

- people with severe symptoms are often hospitalized to receive support for breathing, hydration, and reducing swelling in the brain.

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