An incident where a mother and son committed suicide by inhaling nitrogen gas due to depression caused by cheating by business partners near Dharmapuri has caused tragedy.

Palanivel (72) is a retired teacher from Old Quadrus Govindasamy Counter Street, Nallampally Circle, Dharmapuri District. His wife Shanti (56). Their son is Vijay anand (35). After completing his engineering degree, he applied for government jobs through competitive examinations. Later, along with some friends, he leased and operated a yarn mill in Nasianur area of Erode district.

In this case, it is said that the business partners cheated Vijay Anand. Due to this, Vijay anand and his mother Shanti were in distress. The agricultural land owned by Palanivelu is near Palakode. Yesterday he went to Palanivel to see the land.

When he returned home in the evening, the door was locked. When he opened the house with the key he had and went inside, a room inside the house was locked from inside. Also, on the paper pasted on the door of the room, there is nitrogen gas inside the room. So, before breaking the door and entering, inform the police and enter safely' was written in English.

Shocked to see this, Palanivel informed his relatives. Athiyamankot police station was also informed. After that, when I broke the door of the room and went inside, Vijay anand and Shanthi were lying motionless with a mask attached to their faces with a tube from the cylinder in the room and their heads covered with a polythene cover. When they were examined, it was found that both of them had died.

Police investigation revealed that Vijay anand and his mother Shanti were in deep distress after losing Rs 25 lakh due to fraud by business partners. Due to this, both of them decided to commit suicide, collected information about it online and bought 2 nitrogen gas cylinders. It has come to light that the mother and son committed suicide using the opportunity of going out to Palanivel.

Also, the police have seized a letter written by Vijay anand mentioning the names of some business partners who cheated him. Based on that, the Atiyamankot police have arrested some people and are investigating. This suicide incident has caused great sadness in the area.

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