At Kolkata's NSC Bose international airport, passengers on a qatar Airways aircraft to london through Doha were evacuated in an astonishing occurrence when a man started a bomb scare just before departure. airport sources said that the disruptive traveler started yelling about an explosive device being on the flight. The incident started at 3:29 am on tuesday as the 541-passenger flight was getting ready to take off. In a timely manner, the airplane crew informed the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) of the worrying circumstance.

All passengers were safely evacuated from the airplane as a precaution, and law enforcement officers conducted a thorough search of the vehicle with the assistance of sniffer dogs. Unfortunately, no signs of a bomb or strange things were found. The unruly traveler was taken into custody by the CISF and interrogated. The arrested person was being treated for a mental disorder, according to further inquiry, which was supported by medical records provided by his father, who was called to the airport police station to help with the inquiries.

After an unresponsive plane buzzed close by the area earlier today, the US Capitol Complex was momentarily lifted. After the event, US fighter jets were dispatched, and when they pursued the aforementioned unresponsive aircraft, they caused sonic booms to echo in that vicinity.

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