Myositis treatment caused samantha a new problem..!?

Samantha has given the shocking news that she is facing a new problem as she has taken too many steroids for her myositis problem. samantha Ruth Prabhu is the dream girl of the South indian film industry. While usually South indian actresses were denied leading roles after marriage, she continued to play leading roles even after marriage and divorce, creating a new trend in the South indian film industry. Following her, many actresses are acting as heroines after marriage. In this case, samantha announced that she would get divorced from her romantic husband naga chaitanya in 2021. We know that she was depressed due to her husband's separation and went to the temple ponds to seek relief. Similarly, he sued those who had spread slander on him in this matter and gave a proper response.
A few months after her separation from naga chaitanya, samantha suffered from myositis, a condition that affects the muscles in the body, and she was unable to even stand up and walk. Her fans were amazed that she did the dubbing work even with glucose in her hand. Many celebrities also wished samantha to get rid of this problem soon. After going to America for treatment... samantha, who recovered somewhat, was said to have decided to take a break from cinema to recover completely from the myositis problem after she finished acting in the film Khushi and the Citadel web series. Due to this, samantha has not committed to any films till now. But now it is said that talks are going on to cast her in some bollywood films.Samantha, who is currently undergoing treatment for myositis, recently hosted a question-and-answer session on her instagram page. One of the followers asked her about Samantha's skin. She shocked her by revealing that her skin had changed because of the steroid shots she had to take to treat myositis. samantha said that due to high pigmentation on the skin, special treatment should be taken to correct it. Samantha's pigmentation problem is said to start after she fully recovers from her myositis problem. chinmayi is going to help samantha with this treatment. Fans are saying that they are praying for a speedy recovery from your problems.

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