A video circulating on social media claims to show indian star rashmika mandanna in a red bikini standing at a waterfall behind her. At the time of writing, one post had received more than 45,000 likes and over 300 shares. An archived version may be seen here.
Nonetheless, the video is a deepfake. We were able to trace the original film down to the instagram account of Daniela Villarreal (archived here), who defines herself as a model and content developer living in Santander, Colombia.

We noticed anomalies in the popular video showing Mandanna. Towards the end of the video, the woman's eye movements appear unnatural, particularly her right eye when she glances down, implying that the film has been edited.
Following a reverse image search, we discovered an instagram post by the page onlybikinimodel (archived here) displaying a different lady in the same location. This post identified the individual in the video as @danielavillarreal_a.
We browsed Villarreal's instagram account and discovered that the video (archived here) was posted on her page on april 19, 2024. We could also see some additional photos of her in the same bikini that she had published on her page in April. The archived version may be seen here

The video was also analysed with the Itisaar tool, a deepfake detection tool created by IIT jodhpur and certified by mayank Vatsa, which classified it as a deepfake with a very high confidence level. Vatsa is a professor at IIT Jodhpur's Department of Computer Science & Engineering and a member of the shakti Collective Synthetic media and Deepfakes Advisory Council. The results also revealed that the face was changed by the switching method.
In november 2023, another deepfake video featuring Mandanna in a black bodysuit became viral. This caused the indian government to issue an order to social media intermediaries, requiring them to remove such films from their sites within 24 hours of a complaint being lodged.


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