The film Majaraj, which stars Aamir Khan's son junaid khan in the starring role, was banned by the gujarat High Court. A religious group called Pushtimarg has expressed disapproval of the movie's themes. The movie was based on the eight-member Pushtimarg committee's 1862 argument in the well-known Maharaj Libel Case. They contended that the movie would incite violence and pose a risk to public safety. They said that the movie includes pointed criticisms of Hindu deities. For the time being, the gujarat high court has postponed Maharaj's discharge.

Additionally, Pushtimarg mentioned that the movie will be accessible on Netflix, a global platform. According to Pushtimarg, Netflix will incur a little financial loss as a result of the pause in release. Netflix and the other firms concerned received notifications from the gujarat High Court. The date of the upcoming hearing is june 18. Hashtags like "Boycott Netflix" and "Ban Maharaj" are popular on social media. shalini Pandey, Jaideep Ahlawat, and junaid khan play the key parts in Malhotra P. Siddharth's Maharaj.

The petitioners contend that the movie, which is allegedly based on the 1862 Maharaj Libel Case, disparages Lord krishna and his celestial Leela, thus upsetting religious feelings and upsetting public order. They maintained that the covert distribution strategy—which included no trailers or promotions—was intended to shield its substance from criticism.

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