Finest Entrepreneurs..!! sujana Chowdary & madhavi in ap Assembly...!?

- Entrepreneurs from the fields of Babu's dreams.
- Recognition of Lokam madhavi in the field of IT.
- sujana Chowdary as a successful industrialist.

Two new industrialists are entering the ap Assembly. They are completely new to the Assembly. However, they have seniority in their fields. Therefore, it is noteworthy that both of them belong to the two key sectors where cm Chandrababu's dreams come true. However, both of them are alliance leaders in nda parties. One of them is bjp candidate sujana Chowdary who won from vijayawada West. The second one is Lokam madhavi who won from janasena candidate Nellimarla.
Both of them are also famous in different fields. If we take sujana Chowdary, he has established many companies as an industrialist and is managing them successfully. sujana group of companies has spread across Hyderabad, chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi. There are also educational institutions. Similarly, in the fields of new industries, engineering, and agriculture, sujana industries are being established and are being successfully carried forward. Moreover, there is no one else like sujana in investing. There is an opinion that his vast experience in the business sector will help the state as an assembly platform.

Now, Lokam madhavi has achieved progress in the field of IT. She established many companies abroad and in her own country. IT companies are managed in Dubai, America, Switzerland, and Britain. Coming to our country, companies have been established in chennai and Bangalore. As she has been managing these companies for about 20 years, it is said that she should contribute to the progress of IT. It is not surprising if she is used as fuel for Chandrababu who wants to keep the state at the forefront of the IT sector.

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