Kajal Aggarwal and Chota K Naidu Kissing Controversy
During the pre-release ceremony of their newly released film Kavacham, famous cinematographer Chota K. Naidu planted a peck on the cheek of lead heroine kajal aggarwal, causing a big scandal. Chota's bold and impolite actions drew criticism from online users. In a recent interview, Kajal finally discussed the topic surrounding Chota's kissing after remaining silent for the longest time. Kajal disclosed that Chota's abrupt move had even startled her.

Paris paris Controversy
Elli Avram, who plays Kajal's companion in the movie, may be seen touching Kajal's breast in one of the shots. kangna ranaut and lisa haydon portrayed a similar moment in the hindi original version. Many people have expressed concern over a moment in the tamil version of the movie, but Ramesh Aravind, the director, has stressed that nothing offensive is shown in the shot. According to the director, viewers will see why the sequence is necessary after seeing the movie.

Hip Squeezed by Actor?

7 years back, A Leading bollywood portal, bollywood Bubble reported that a South indian actor misbehaved with kajal aggarwal and he squeezed Kajal Aggarwal's waist while shooting for a song sequence. Now, after all these years, the news has been going viral on social media and netizens are digging out to find if the issue is true or not.

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