Will revanth reddy do justice for ap Settlers..!?

* Will revanth reddy rule to please the ap settlers?
* Are revanth Reddy's decisions for the benefit of many people?
* There is no doubt in saying that revanth is a visionary leader.

Many believe that ap settlers are the reason for BRS's remarkable results in the telangana Assembly elections. The comments expressed that the condition of BRS would have been worse if not for the support of ap settlers. But it is noteworthy that there is a campaign in political circles that if revanth reddy pleases the settlers of ap with his rule, he will not turn back. Most of the people living in hyderabad are from Andhra. Most of them are permanently settled in Telangana. It must be said that the settlers did not face any difficulties during the rule of KCR. Even revanth Reddy's decisions so far have not caused any trouble to the settlers. It can be said that revanth reddy is a very visionary leader.
It is a hint that whatever decision is taken, his decisions will be good for the majority of people. revanth Sarkar also acted somewhat harshly in the case of the official who demolished the illegal constructions in front of Jagan's house. It is noteworthy that it is heard in the political circles that revanth reddy will never act to cause trouble to ap settlers and ap leaders. On the other hand, Chandrababu and revanth reddy are competing with each other for governance. It is noteworthy that there is a discussion among the people of both states regarding the schemes and development being implemented in both states. It remains to be seen whether Babu and revanth reddy will be the best CMs by providing the best governance. Some of the schemes running in ap are the best schemes and some of the schemes running in telangana are the best schemes. It is noteworthy that some of the schemes implemented by the congress were implemented by Chandrababu in AP. revanth reddy is a role model by making decisions on the spot.

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