Telangana Horticulture Department is providing a good opportunity to the people of the city which is within the twin cities of Hyderabad. It is prepared to encourage those who are interested in growing vegetables, leafy greens and fruit plants on Terrace, Balconies, and Upstairs. For this, a scheme called Urban Farming has been introduced. Through this, on the fourth sunday of every month in hyderabad, training and awareness are being provided on how to cultivate sugarcane plantations, the precautions to be taken and the things to be known. 

It has been announced that everyone is eligible for this scheme, which is being run under the auspices of the State Department of Horticulture.

The government is providing an opportunity to housewives in the twin cities of hyderabad and secunderabad and those interested in urban farming. Through the Urban Farming scheme, special training will be given on the fourth sunday of every month for those who want to grow vegetables, leafy greens, flower plants and fruit trees on home balconies. 

Horticulture Department and telangana State are jointly implementing this scheme. Everyone interested is conducting training and awareness classes on the fourth sunday of this month i.e. 25-09-2022 at Horticulture Training Center near red Hills, Nampally, Hyderabad. Especially in this training, experts and experienced people will be given detailed training about the terrace, balcony as well as indoor cultivation, basic aspects, site selection, plant selection, soil mixture preparation method, seed selection, organic fertilizer management, water management, pest and pest control in an organic manner.

 After that, there will be a visit to the existing locust plantation at Horticulture Training Institute, red HillsThe Department of Parks and government requests that interested city dwellers and rural dwellers register their names by sending a whatsapp message to 9705384384 for more details. In this way, the director of Horticulture and Seri culture of telangana State has stated that the training fee has been fixed at 100 rupees to learn the cultivation method of sugarcane plantations.

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