Apple threatens to remove 'Twitter' from its App Store, Elon Musk's big allegation

Elon Musk, the world's richest man and tesla company owner, has said that apple is pressuring twitter to demand content moderation.

Ever since the world's richest man and tesla company owner Elon Musk bought twitter, some new controversy is coming to the fore. This time the matter is about the iphone maker Apple. Elon Musk has alleged that apple has threatened to remove 'Twitter' from its App Store. Musk said that apple is pressing every way to block Twitter. Even the iphone maker has stopped advertising on social media platforms.

Apple is putting pressure on twitter in the name of content moderation

Elon Musk has alleged that apple is pressuring twitter on the demand for content moderation. The action taken by apple is not unusual, as there have been repeated attempts to impose rules on other companies as well. Under this, he has removed apps like Gab and Parlour. The parlor was reinstated by apple in 2021 after the app updated its content and content moderation.

Musk asked questions by tagging apple CEO Tim Cook

Musk said that apple has stopped serving most ads on Twitter. Do they hate free speech in America? Later, in another tweet, he tagged the twitter account of apple CEO Tim Cook and asked what is going on there. However, apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment. apple, the world's most valuable firm according to advertising measurement firm Pathmatics, spent an estimated US$131,600 on twitter ads between november 10 and 16, down from US$220,800 between october 16 and october 22.

Apple secretly imposes 30% tax on everything: Musk

In a tweet, Musk also criticized the fees charged for downloading other apps from the apple App Store. Musk wrote, did you know that apple secretly imposes a 30 percent tax on everything purchased through its App Store?

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