How strong are India-China trade relations, will the dragon learn a lesson by ending the trade?

Can china really be taught a lesson by ending trade relations? How is the business relationship between india and China?

There has once again been a situation of tension on the border between india and China. There was also a violent clash between the indian and Chinese forces in the tawang sector of Arunachal Pradesh. Now the voices against china have become louder across the country. The opposition parties are attacking the central government. After the congress, now the aam aadmi party has also said that india should end all trade relations with China. This will teach a lesson to China.

Aam Aadmi Party's National Council meeting was held on Sunday. In this, arvind kejriwal said, 'The way china is showing us eyes, the people of our country do not like it. But the center says that everything is fine. india is increasing business with China. While it is necessary to stop business with China.

Earlier, in a press conference on this issue, congress leader jairam ramesh said, 'Prime minister Modi has met the President of china 18 times. (Former External Affairs Minister) sushma swaraj had said that trade and terrorism cannot go together. But after china created tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in april 2020, our imports from china have increased, our trade deficit has increased.

According to statistics, there has been an increase of 15.3 percent in the trade between india and china in the first quarter of this year i.e. from january to March. Bilateral trade between the two countries has increased to $32 billion in the march quarter. According to the china General Administration of Custom, in the year 2021, India's trade with china reached $ 125.6 billion. This is the first time that China's trade with india has crossed $100 billion. In this figure, india exported just $28.1 billion while imported $94.57 billion.

 How much trade took place between india and china in eight years?

2021-22 $94.57 billion

2020-21 $65.21 billion

2019-20 $65.26 billion

2018-19 $70.31 billion

2017-18 $76.38 billion

2016-17 $61.28 billion

2015-16 $61.7 billion

2014-15 $60.41 billion

india imports the most of these things from China

Goods such as mobile phones, electronic items, TVs, cameras, auto equipment, chemicals, copper, cotton yarn, footwear, steel, circuits, semiconductors, fertilizers are imported from China. Apart from this, about 60 to 70 percent of the chemicals used in India's pharma industry are also imported from China. According to the Ministry of Commerce, in the year 2021, apart from laptops, computers, oxygen concentrators, there has been a record import of acetic acid from China.

 What does india sell to China?

china purchases a variety of raw materials, cotton, copper, aluminium, natural diamonds and gems from India. Apart from this, it also exports rice, soybean, vegetables, fruits, fish, iron, granite stone and petroleum products. india also supplies food items like spices from China.

The figures of tradingeconomics show that America purchases the most from India. America has made purchases worth Rs 469.28 billion till october this year. After this uae has bought Rs 179.69 billion, netherlands Rs 118.23 billion and china Rs 83.21 billion. That means china is at number four in terms of exports from India.

 Will india be able to teach a lesson to china by ending trade relations?

To understand this, we asked economist Prof. Talked to Prahlad. He said, 'If you look at the figures, china sells the most goods to America. The total trade between the two countries is $586.9 billion. In this, America imports products worth $ 451.7 billion, while exports $ 135.2 billion. india is at number 14 in terms of trade with China. Most of China's trade is with european union, America, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Singapore. After this comes the number of India. It is clear that india may have to bear the loss in the current situation of ending trade relations with China.

He said, if imports from china are completely stopped, then the pharma sector will suffer a lot. Apart from this, many things will become expensive. Whose direct impact will be on the pockets of common people. That's why it is not possible to break all relations with china with immediate effect. Yes, the government should accelerate its efforts for self-reliant India. Especially the focus should be on the production of those things, which currently have to be imported the most from China.

 To reduce dependence on china, the government is working to strengthen the country's manufacturing sector. The government has also introduced production linked incentive schemes.

According to the statistics of the Central government, there are 174 Chinese companies registered as foreign companies in india and the directors of 3560 companies are Chinese.

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