Derek Chauvin, claims there were problems with the jury throughout the case adding that it might not have actually occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After kneeling upon Mr Floyd's neck for some more about nine minutes, Chauvin was condemned to nearly 22 years in prison. In the United States, his killing triggered widespread protests against racism and police violence. Chauvin claims that the court judge misused his authority at numerous crucial stages in the case, including refusing a plea to reschedule or relocate the court to Minneapolis owing to the pre publicity, as per court filings filed on Thursday.

According to the news agency, the ex officer claimed he had no legal assistance during the case process since the Minnesota police department's "responsibility to fund for my representation ceased following my conviction and imprisonment." He has sought the supreme court to overturn a judgement that denied him access to a publicly funded lawyer. Chauvin, 45, has been granted 90 days to challenge his sentence from the day of his punishment on june 25. He was convicted accused of second-degree murder as well as other counts, and was prohibited from having guns for the rest of his life, as well as being ordered to register as a violent offender.

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