Woman suffers heart attack while flying at 15,000 feet...

An international flight from indigo airlines had to make an emergency landing in jodhpur, rajasthan on Tuesday. This landing was not done due to any technical fault in the aircraft, but due to the sudden deterioration of the health of a 61-year-old woman among the passengers of the aircraft. The woman had a sudden heart attack in a plane flying at an altitude of about 15,000 feet, due to which her health deteriorated. The emergency landing of the aircraft was done on this. The woman was rushed to the hospital in jodhpur, where she was declared brought dead.

The flight was going from saudi arabia to Delhi

Flight number 6E 44 of indigo was coming to delhi from jeddah city of Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, 61-year-old Mitra Bano's health deteriorated. Mitra lived in Jammu and Kashmir's Hazaribagh. Her son Muzaffar was also present on the flight with her. When the woman suffered a heart attack, the crew of the aircraft tried to give her first aid with the help of a doctor passenger, but the pilot decided to make an emergency landing when her health deteriorated. Immediately the air traffic control was informed, who directed the plane to land at jodhpur airport. After this, the aircraft made an emergency landing at jodhpur airport at around 11 am on Tuesday.

The ambulance was already called at the airport

The ATC at jodhpur airport had informed about the medical emergency before the plane landed, due to which the ambulance of Goyal Hospital was already called to the airport. After this, as soon as the plane landed, the woman was immediately sent to the hospital. On finding her dead there, the hospital management informed the police about the matter. indigo flight was later sent to delhi with a delay of about 2 hours. indigo management has also issued a statement giving information about this whole matter. Along with this, condolences have also been expressed towards the family of the deceased woman.

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