Rising Corona...New Guidelines Issued..!?

With the number of corona cases increasing in India, the central government has issued new guidelines. Accordingly, people have been advised to protect themselves. As Covid-19 cases are on the rise in India, the central government has issued some new guidelines to control the spread of the coronavirus. The Union health Ministry has written to the state governments to adopt a five-pronged strategy to deal with the rising number of corona cases - testing, surveillance, treatment, and vaccination. It has also said what kind of procedures should be followed to protect oneself from the effects of Corona.The possibility of co-infection with other endemic diseases should be considered. It is reported that there is no need to prescribe systemic and corticosteroids when symptoms are mild. The Union health Ministry's revised guidelines list some drugs that should not be used in Covid-19, including hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, molnupravir, and favipiravir. The guidelines state that patients should be considered for up to 5 days of remdesivir in moderate or severe cases.

Tocilizumab should be considered within 24-48 hours of acute illness or ICU admission. That is, these guidelines are underlined for those with moderate or severe disease that is rapidly progressing. Apart from this, precautionary measures are also listed. Physical distance, mask, keeping hands clean, and drinking plenty of water should be followed properly. The Union health Ministry has appealed to people to monitor temperature and oxygen saturation and keep in touch with the treating doctor.

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