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Patients with diabetes must monitor their blood sugar levels. As it increases, problems like fatigue, frequent urination, sudden weight loss and blurred vision start to occur. It can be even more heavily in the summer season. It can be fatal along with affecting the body parts. In such a situation, it is very important to control blood sugar.

These things control blood sugar

To control diabetes, it is beneficial to consume things with a low glycemic index. They prevent blood sugar from rising. At the same time, in the summer season, there are many such liquids which keep your blood sugar under control as well as hydrate the body. At the same time, it is better to keep your distance from cold drinks and other sweet beverages. The sweets included in these can increase blood sugar. In such a situation, know those 5 drinks which will keep your body healthy while keeping blood sugar under control when consumed in summer.

Lemon water will control diabetes

Lemon water is very beneficial to control diabetes in summer, but adding sugar to it and drinking it can cause problems. That's why while making lemonade, add black salt instead of sugar in it. Along with increasing your energy, it will not affect your blood sugar level.

Drink water to control blood sugar

Whether it is winter or summer, drinking water is very important and beneficial. It keeps the body hydrated even in the scorching heat. By drinking more water, it removes the extra glucose present in the body through urine. In such a situation, blood sugar level control remains. Experts also advise diabetic patients to drink maximum water.

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